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All product designs and associated product images are copyright of Coolrideplates which is a registered Trademark.


When uploading or sending photographic content to us, the original photographer of the image you upload will remain the copyright of you or the person who allows you to upload/send their photograph. It is your responsibility to ensure that you obtain the permission of the copyright owner to use any image you use but do not own. We will not be held responsible if any image you upload infringes any third party rights.


Safe product usage


Although our sticker plates will endure UV rays and or  unexpected rain shower, as your electric car they are not made to last if left permanently outdoors. To prolong the life of both your car and the plates we recommend keeping indoors when not in use. Our sticker plate and sign products are not toys but accessories and we recommend the use of sticker plates and door signs only by an adult. Licences to be used only under supervision. We are not responsible for injury or damage through misuse of any kind.


Coolrideplates is a registered trade mark. Other brand names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners and used descriptive / identification purposes only.


E&OE. All product designs and associated images © Coolrideplates®.


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